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Hulu's Shrill

I was all ready to post about how the first big project I’ve done in the last four years was ready for you to see, but the scene I shot for the new Hulu series Shrill, was cut. Disappointment!

BUT! I had a wonderful time on set. Aidy Bryant is delightful (she said I was easy to act with!) and the director, Jesse Peretz was great. I’m super bummed that I am not in the pilot, but in the end, it’s ok that my scene was cut... They liked me, they liked my performance, it was cut for time, not because it was unusable. I know this because they actually sent me an email. Who does that? These awesome people. Because of that, hopefully I can audition for another part when they get a season two. Maybe even a bigger role, one that won’t be so easy to cut out! And for that, I am grateful. I am also incredibly grateful to my agent, Dennis Troutman at @option_talent, for this opportunity. I wouldn’t have even been in the casting room without him. 💜

Also, you should watch the show, it’s going to be great! All six 30 minute episodes have already dropped and you will not be wasting your time :)

On set after filming with Aidy Bryant.

On set with writer/producer, Lindy West.

Pre-filming with actor, Zee Tompkins and our fabulous hair stylist!

With Aidy at the wrap party :) It was very dark, so I had to lighten it up a bit <3

I have a new agent and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Remember I said that yesterday was the best birthday I had in a long time? A big part of that was because I had a wonderful meeting with Dennis Troutman. Honestly, he is just as amazing as all of his clients say. So is Steven, by the way. When I told them it was my birthday, Steven went into his snack drawer and made me a stack of snacks tied together with string as a gift <3
This is all to say, I've signed with OPTION Model & Media and I couldn't be more excited if I tried!


Today is my birthday!

And to celebrate, I'm posting this bts photo of me going over some basics with the cast of Sweep the Leg, a Karate kid musical parody that I had the good fortune to stunt coordinate and choreograph fights for. The cast was super hard working and the script was hilarious. This was a great time!


New Headshots

I recently had a headshot session with Levy Moroshan. I had a ridiculously good time and got some of the best shots ever, but the outtakes are truly the best part! I was absolutely delighted to have my hair and makeup done by Emily Mercer

Surgery Update!

Back in October I had Bankart's repair performed my my shoulder that dislocates at will. Well, not so much anymore! It's about three and a half months out and I'm healing very well. I have pretty good range of motion and I am lifting light weights. I'm looking forward to building my arm muscles back up because they had mostly atrophied after not being used at all for ten weeks. It's slow, but I'm confident I'll be back to full very soon!

Woodstock or Bust

I've filmed my bit on Woodstock or Bust and I'm really looking forward to the finished product! So many Portland locals working hard to make this film come together. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to play the mom of Willow Shields, the delightful actress who portrayed Prim in The Hunger Games. I'm also thankful that folks were willing to take selfies with me on set!


Thank you for the selfie, Willow!

Actual News About The Dead!

A movie I worked on a while ago, The Dead, written and directed by Edward Martin III, has won Best Comedy and is in contention for Best Film at the Oregon Independent Film Festival! It will be shown at the Clinton theater on Friday, September 22nd, at 9:30pm. 

We also received a fantastic write up in Willamette Week! It seems the writer really enjoyed it. This is pretty exciting for all of us involved in this off-beat film. 

Two New Projects Filming in September!

I'm excited to say that I've been cast in two projects filming in September. A short film currently titled Maria, and a feature film titled 5th Ave Film Society.  

I can't tell you more about Maria right now, but I can tell you that 5th Ave is still in the crowdfunding stage and we could really use your help. We have THREE DAYS to raise about $5500 and every little bit counts! Take a look and if it seems like something you might want to see, drop a sponsorship our way. Thank you!