Brandie Sylfae

Actor/Voice Over/Stunts

Hulu's Shrill

I was all ready to post about how the first big project I’ve done in the last four years was ready for you to see, but the scene I shot for the new Hulu series Shrill, was cut. Disappointment!

BUT! I had a wonderful time on set. Aidy Bryant is delightful (she said I was easy to act with!) and the director, Jesse Peretz was great. I’m super bummed that I am not in the pilot, but in the end, it’s ok that my scene was cut... They liked me, they liked my performance, it was cut for time, not because it was unusable. I know this because they actually sent me an email. Who does that? These awesome people. Because of that, hopefully I can audition for another part when they get a season two. Maybe even a bigger role, one that won’t be so easy to cut out! And for that, I am grateful. I am also incredibly grateful to my agent, Dennis Troutman at @option_talent, for this opportunity. I wouldn’t have even been in the casting room without him. 💜

Also, you should watch the show, it’s going to be great! All six 30 minute episodes have already dropped and you will not be wasting your time :)

On set after filming with Aidy Bryant.

On set with writer/producer, Lindy West.

Pre-filming with actor, Zee Tompkins and our fabulous hair stylist!

With Aidy at the wrap party :) It was very dark, so I had to lighten it up a bit <3