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These are a few of the times I've gotten into fights. Who doesn't enjoy the occasional boot to the head?

Déjà Vu

UPDATE: I won a Special Jury Award for Best Stunt Performance for this fight at the 2017 OMPA Actor Awards. That is the second award this fight has won!

Just the fight scene from our entry for the 2016 48HFP in Portland, Oregon. We practiced all day and shot the entire fight in one take.

The whole film and all of the requirements can be seen here

Henchmen: Jeremy McLaughlin, Sean Sission, and Stevie Miller
Sister: Echo


A couple from the WayBack Machine.


Part of a fight from Bloodmoon (1997). There is a ton of good stuff going on in the choreography. The masked bad guy is Darren Shahlavi

Fun Fact: The Entertainment Weekly review for the video release of this film said that the best thing about it was the hologram on the cover of the box :)


Karate Girl Wears Skirt

Just the fights from LMU directing student, Sidney Chow's, thesis film I did back in 1996, my very first time fighting on camera. The director, Sidney Chow, received an A+ and a standing ovation for this film.

Main bad guy is Hiro Koda, before he won an Emmy :)








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